Personal Training in Charlotte NC



Lemar Peterson is certified by the NFPT in anatomy, nutrition, stretching, abdominal’s, and personal training. Lemar is equipped with the skills to have your endurance, stamina, tone, and self esteem reach new heights. He is a motivator who is professional, brings lots of energy, and will really work with you to make results happen. Lemar challenges you to challenge yourself, and allow him to guide you toward success.


Referrals From Our Clients


I have been working with Lemar Peterson for one month now and my results have been phenomenal! I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so.

  • Chris Cullipher, Owner Custom Cabinets Granite And Tile


I have been training with Lemar for about five months and have noticed great results. I am happy with my shape and get compliments from complete strangers. Now I can work out and not have to be on such a strict diet, and still maintain my tone.

  • Dr Tiffany Tate, Physician


I get a great workout with Lemar because I never know what to expect. Every time he throws something new at me, which keeps it challenging and fun.

  • Mark Campbell, Sales Executive




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